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Good news:  the Board of Directors has voted to hold dues constant for the fourth year in a row for the July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 membership year.  Dues remain $740 (large), $500 (medium) and $375 (small).
Don’t miss out on the continuing benefits of the CCAS listservs, reduced rates to attend the Annual Meeting and other events, on- or off-site training for your department chairs/heads, publications such as Deans and Development, and the New Hires Survey.  You'll especially want to be part of this year’s celebration of our 50 years of providing programming for deans and advocacy for the arts and sciences.
Log onto ccas.net using your membership username and password and you will be directed to your Welcome Page.  Click the third bullet on the list to process your membership renewal.
We know some institutions do not allow for membership renewal until July 1.  A reminder notice will be sent in early July to those who have not yet renewed.

2015 Seminar for New Deans - REGISTRATION IS OPEN

This summer's Seminar for New Deans will be held July 12-15 at the InterContinental Milwaukee.  Adjacent to the scenic Milwaukee Riverwalk, InterContinental Milwaukee is centrally located to downtown's business and theatre districts, parks, restaurants and nightlife. Discover the historic Pabst Theatre, the Milwaukee Public Museum, or one of Milwaukee's many summer festivals. Take a short walk to the shores of Lake Michigan and the world-renowned Milwaukee Art Museum. Or make a stop at Milwaukee's most unique food destination, the Milwaukee Public MarketSee you in Milwaukee!

    CCAS Deans Defend the Liberal Arts in the Media
Gerry Greenberg in the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet, on “What the Liberal in Liberal Arts Means
New Jersey A&S deans in app.com on “Are Liberal Arts Degrees Still Relevant?”
Have you made headlines recently?  Write us at ccas@wm.edu.

Seminar for Department Chairs/Heads - REGISTRATION IS OPEN
July 16-18, 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 11-13, 2015 in San Diego, California
The Seminar is open to chairs/heads at CCAS member institutions.  Due to space limitations, no more than two chairs from the same institution will be admitted.  The first 40 registration requests will be accepted; additional requests will be wait-listed in order of receipt.  Click here for program schedule.

The Phi Beta Kappa Society launches a new toolkit,
CCAS members are encouraged to use these helpful advocacy materials.

2015 CCAS Membership Directory 
The directory has been posted on the CCAS website and an active link, as well as a search link, is located on the member Welcome Page and under MEMBERS ONLY in the blue navigation bar when you log in to the CCAS website using your membership credentials.  If you need assistance or would like a copy mailed to you, please contact us at ccas@wm.edu.

          2014 CCAS A&S Advocacy Award Winner

The Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) has recognized the American Academy of Arts & Sciences with its 2014 Arts & Sciences Advocacy Award.  The announcement was made November 7 at the organization’s 49th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.    
The CCAS Arts & Sciences Advocacy Award honors an individual or organization demonstrating exemplary advocacy for the arts and sciences, flowing from a deep commitment to the intrinsic worth of liberal arts education. 
Program Director John Tessitore accepted the award on behalf of the Academy. In presenting the award, CCAS President Nancy A. Gutierrez, Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, announced that CCAS was honoring it for issuing The Heart of the Matter: The Humanities and Social Sciences for a vibrant, competitive, and secure nation (2013) and for its long-standing commitment to recognizing outstanding scholars and sponsoring meetings, lectures, and informal gatherings to address critical challenges facing our global society.  Gutierrez said further that with the issuance of this report and other initiatives such as the Humanities Indicators project, “the American Academy has launched national conversations, international projects, and agendas for universities throughout the country.”
In accepting the award, Tessitore thanked the Council for the recognition on behalf of the Academy and the Chair of the Board, Don M. Randel, and noted that the Academy has been gratified by the overwhelming response to The Heart of the Matter. He told the 500 assembled deans that the Academy “was committed to the recommendations in the report and to other related initiatives for the long haul,” and that it welcomes the continued involvement of CCAS deans.  Learn more about the American Academy of Arts & Sciences at https://www.amacad.org.

CCAS Book on Deans and Development
A complimentary copy of Deans and Development:  Making the Case for Supporting the Liberal Arts and Sciences has been mailed to each CCAS member dean. Additional copies may be purchased by CCAS members for $10 each (non-members $30) by going to the Publications tab in the navigation bar and clicking Deans and Development Book and then "Order Form" on the flyout menu.

Visualize the expanse of CCAS members nationwide and internationally on our three locator maps:

Guide for assessing best practices in colleges/schools of Arts & Sciences
The CCAS Board of Directors offers it members the Standards of Practice: A Self-Assessment Guide for Colleges/Schools of Arts & Sciences.  The Standards were developed to help deans evaluate whether their colleges or schools maintain policies and practices that align with the best practices and standards in higher education. The Standards are not intended to be prescriptive; rather, they serve as constructive guidelines to deans as you with work within the context of your own institution.  
The Standards and accompanying Scoring Rubric are available to members of CCAS.  Log into this page (above, right), then, under Resources, hold your cursor over Standards of Practice, and click  "A Self-Assessment Guide" to download the document or "Scoring Rubric," which is an Excel-based tool to assist you in conducting a systematic analysis of your policies and practices.  Hard copies also are available upon request.
Non-members who wish to view the Standards and take the self assessment are welcome to join CCAS.  Write us at ccas@wm.edu for a membership application.

"Liberal Arts & Sciences FAQs" brochure available for purchase
This brochure, authored by former CCAS President Matthew C. Moen (University of South Dakota), defines liberal education and offers arguments for its centrality in undergraduate education. The brochure is being made available at cost to CCAS members.
Ordering Information:  
  • First 10 copies, no charge to members
  • Between 11-100 copies, $6 per 10 copies
  • Orders over 100, $5 per 10 copies

Order by going to the Publications tab in the navigation bar and clicking "Liberal Arts and Sciences FAQs Brochure - Order Form."

CCAS Member Benefits
Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, a network of deans, fosters leadership and administration in colleges and schools of arts and sciences.  In pursuit of our mission, CCAS connects deans with each other, provides professional development, serves as a forum for discussing issues in higher education, and advocates for liberal learning.
Want to join CCAS?  Print the Membership Application, fill it out, and send it to us.
All arts and/or science decanal staff of a participating college within an institution are eligible for the following benefits:
• password and access to the 'Members Only' area of the CCAS web site
• bimonthly newsletters
• a variety of professional-development seminars, workshops, and webinars
• discounted registration fees at seminars and the Annual Meeting
• discounted subscription rate for Change Magazine
• a mentoring program for new deans and associate/assistant deans
• participation in both the data collection and receipt of the New Hires Survey report
• a 'deans only' listserv for discussion of issues and networking with other Deans,
   and a listserv for associate and assistant deans
• an online searchable database (Deans Knowledge Base) of timely presentations, policy statements,
   listserv discussions, and other resources
• training workshops for department chairs/heads, either on campus or at a regional location
• access to the CCAS membership mailing list for searches, college newsletters, etc.
NOTE: Passwords are assigned to member Deans, Associate, and Assistant Deans. If you do not remember your login credentials, click "Forgot your password?" under the login boxes at the top right of the CCAS homepage and you'll be asked to enter your email address. Then click, "Send Login Information." The website will email your login credentials shortly. If the website doesn't send you your login information it is because your email address either isn't in the database or is different from the one in the database. For assistance, email ccas@wm.edu.
Click here to access the "Member Benefits and Services" brochure.
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