CCAS2023: Preparing Deans for a Sustainable Future

Location: Hilton Bayfront Hotel

Dates: 11/1-11/4

2023 Theme:
Preparing Deans for Sustainable Future


Draft Agenda:

     Possible Topics Include:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Moving from Crisis to Strategy
  • Doing More With Less
  • Adapting to the New Normal
  • Strategic Planning
  • Reorganizing Colleges (Right-sizing, restructuring, etc)
  • Special sessions for select audiences, such as Associate & Assistant Deans or Private Institutions or R1s
  • Risk Management
  • Working With Your Institution's Partners (Media or Development Officer or Budget Office or Student Services..)
  • Free Speech and Academic Freedom
  • Development, Fundraising, and Advancement
  • Data Analytics and Data for Decision Making
  • Working with, Coaching, Supporting, or Reviewing Faculty and/or Staff
  • Tolerance/Intolerance for Bullying Culture
  • Future Directions/Lessons Learned (ways we use tech differently, thinking about being responsive, changing enrollment, students changing expectations)
  • Sustaining DEI Gains Through Diverse Leadership
  • Preparing Institutions to Support Diverse Leaders
  • Enrollment Change Now or Forthcoming
  • Robot-Proof, Artificial Intelligence, ChatBot, etc.
  • Your Good Ideas Here!
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