Discussions for Chairs

CCAS will continue our ongoing series of online discussions for the CCAS community to help support and guide us through this hectic time; no registration needed, no fee. All sessions will be held from 4:00-5:00 Eastern time via the same Zoom link.

NOTE ABOUT RECORDING: Unfortunately, we cannot record the discussions in order to ensure a safe environment within which all can participate. Many deans are precluded from being recorded and additionally, we need to provide a space for candid discussion and reflection.

JOIN ZOOM MEETING: https://tamusa.zoom.us/j/82797153814

Discussions for Chairs | Fall 2023: Empowering Chairs to Communicate & Connect 
All sessions will be held from 4:00-5:00 Eastern time via the same Zoom link: https://tamusa.zoom.us/j/82797153814

All sessions will be held from 4:00-5:00 Eastern time via the same Zoo m link: https://tamusa.zoom.us/j/82797153814

Tuesday Sept 19   Preparing Your CV for A Dean or Other Administrative Role

Tuesday Oct 3   Difficult Dialogues: Strategies for Success supported by the Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center (DDNRC)(Deans also Welcome)

Monday Oct 9    Mediation Skills for Conflict Resolution  (Deans also Welcome)

Thursday Oct 12   When the Chair's Not There- Lessons Learned from Appointing Chairs from Other Departments  (Deans also Welcome)

Tuesday Oct 24   Dealing With Difficult Faculty

Monday Nov 13   Mentoring Programs for Marginalized and Underrepresented Faculty (Deans also Welcome)

Tuesday Nov 14   Chairs Checking in- Networking in Breakout Groups by Discipline

(Spring 2023 Topics)

Monday, January 30: Fulbright Program Information (Deans also invited)

Thursday, February 2: Data Resources for Chairs—What/Where/Why

Tuesday, February 28: Leading vs. Managing for Chairs

Wednesday, March 8: Transitioning Out of the Chair Role—What's Next?

Monday, April 10: New Chairs Checking in- How's it Going?

Thursday, April 13: Academic Freedom, Tenure, Free Speech, and Inclusivity (Deans also invited)

Wednesday, April 26: Communicating In Crisis (or What Keeps You Up at Night) (Deans also invited)

Monday, June 12: Advocating for the Humanities (Deans also invited)

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