CCAS Connect

Our online environment,, gives you access to the CCAS discussion groups called ‘communities.’ Some are automatically assigned, like Deans and Associate and Assistant Deans. Others are set up for committees and can be initiated by any member.

You can post inquiries or responses to questions via CCAS Connect or via email
by sending a message directly to the community to which you belong
(example: and

You can also:
• Link a member profile to personal LinkedIn and Facebook (or not)
• Post discussion questions
• Search past discussions
• Access CCAS publications and resources
• Create special member groups (examples: Texas Deans, Fine Arts Deans, etc.)
• Interact as part of a CCAS Standing Committee
• Share documents and announcements

Your login for CCAS Connect is the same as your user name and password that is set up to access the CCAS web page resources (

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