Organizing Academic Colleges


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Organizing Academic Colleges: A guide for deans
By Bret S. Danilowicz and Anne-Marie McCartan
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Deans are called upon now more than ever to make organizational changes to accommodate the shifting sands of American higher education. How can deans most effectively organize the work of their faculty and of their offices? How can associate and assistant deans and staff be deployed to support the work of faculty? What role can deans play when boards or presidents decide to reorganize or consolidate their college or even their institution? Organizing Academic Colleges uses models and case studies to describe options available to deans and how the literature on change management can guide deans to successfully navigate the change process.

CCAS congratulates authors Bret S. Danilowicz, CCAS Board director and former executive director, Anne-Marie McCartan on this essential resource for deans.

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