Standards of Practice


September 5, 2017 

The CCAS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the revised edition of the Standards of Practice: A Self-Assessment Guide for Colleges/Schools of Arts & Sciences. The Standards were developed to help deans evaluate whether their colleges or schools maintain policies and practices that align with the best practices and standards in higher education in 2013 and revised in Summer 2017. The Standards are not intended to be prescriptive; rather, they serve as constructive guidelines to deans as you with work within the context of your own institution.  

The Standards are organized into seven categories:
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Program Quality
  • Deans and Dean's Office 
  • Development & External Resources
  • Faculty
  • Personnel Recruitment & Retention Processes
  • Students

The Standards and accompanying Scoring Rubric are available to members of CCAS. Return to and log in using your personal ID. Under 'Resources,' hold your cursor over 'Standards of Practice,' and click "A Self-Assessment Guide" to download the document or "Scoring Rubric," which is an Excel-based tool to assist you in conducting a systematic analysis of your policies and practices.  

Non-members who wish to view the Standards and take the self-assessment are welcome to join CCAS. Write us at for a membership application.


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