Discussions for Deans

CCAS will continue our ongoing series of online discussions for the CCAS community to help support and guide us through this hectic time; no registration needed, no fee. All sessions will be held from 4:00-5:00 Eastern time via the same Zoom link. Check here frequently for additions and schedule changes based on speaker availability.

NOTE ABOUT RECORDING: Unfortunately, we cannot record the discussions in order to ensure a safe environment within which all can participate. Many deans are precluded from being recorded and additionally, we need to provide a space for candid discussion and reflection.

JOIN ZOOM MEETING: https://tamusa.zoom.us/j/82797153814

Discussions for Deans | Spring 2024 Empowering Deans to Advocate and Achieve

All sessions will be held from 4:00-5:00 Eastern time via the same Zoom link: https://tamusa.zoom.us/j/82797153814

Monday, Feb 26 Leading Effective Advisory Councils (Chairs also Welcome)

Wednesday, Mar 6 Managing Faculty Reductions Compelled by Declining Budgets

Wednesday, Mar 13 Alumni Mentoring Programs (Chairs also Welcome)

Thursday, Mar 28 Creating Healthy Ecosystems is a Collaborative Enterprise (Wellbeing) (Chairs also Welcome)

Tuesday, April 2 Teaching Difficult Topics (Chairs also Welcome)

 Wednesday, April 10 Department Operating Budgets * * * NEW SESSION ADDED 4/2!!

Thursday, Apr 18 New/Interim/Acting Deans- Problem Solving

April 29 Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Planning (Chairs also Welcome)  

Wednesday, May 1 When and How to Contact Your Legislators- Or NOT



Tuesday, Jan 30 Preparing Your CV and Application for Dean Roles (Chairs also Welcome)

Tuesday, Feb 6 Innovative Fundraising to Aid Student Recruitment & Retention

Thursday, Feb 8 Advocacy Resources for Deans, hosted by COSSA

Tuesday, Feb 13 Dealing with Difficult Faculty (Chairs also Welcome)


Thursday, February 9: Checking in- Associate & Assistant Deans (Open Discussion)
Thursday, February 23: Academic Impressions—Survey Data Results
Monday, March 6: The Council of Social Science Associations: ADVOCACY 
Tuesday, April 4: Time Management
Wednesday, April 12: Encouraging Civic Engagement (Hosted by AASCU)
Thursday, April 13: Academic Freedom, Tenure, Free Speech, and Inclusivity 
Monday, April 17: So You Want to Stay A Dean (vs advancing to more senior level)
Wednesday, April 26: Communicating In Crisis (or What Keeps You Up at Night) 
Monday, May 1: Deaning While Diverse: CCASConnect Community Launch
Thursday, May 4: Associate/Assistant Deans Listening Session
Monday, June 12: Advocating for the Humanities 
Wednesday Sept 6  Deans' Communications Directors: Establishing a Community
Thursday Sept 14  Adapting to the Impact of Recent Supreme Court Decisions
Monday Sept 18  Communications Tools and Resources for Deans & Communications Directors
Tuesday Oct 3   Difficult Dialogues: Strategies for Success  supported by the Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center (DDNRC
Monday Oct 9    Mediation Skills for Conflict Resolution 
Thursday Oct 12   When the Chair's Not There- Lessons Learned from Appointing Chairs from Other Departments 
Thursday Oct 26   CCAS Annual Meeting Networking
Thursday Nov 9 Critical Friends as Strategic Sounding Boards for Deans: Results from a Research Study 
Monday Nov 13  Mentoring Programs for Marginalized and Underrepresented Faculty
Wednesday Nov 15   Chat GPT for Deans- and When NOT to use it
Tuesday Dec 5   New Deans, Interim Deans, Associate Deans- Checking in (Breakout Rooms by category)
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