Mission & Vision


Vision Statement

CCAS will provide state-of-the-art professional development, managerial resources, and leadership opportunities for Arts and Sciences deans, chairs, and staff that
   ~ shape national conversations and policy relevant to arts and sciences education at all levels
   ~ leverage existing and emergent partnerships with other organizations; and
   ~ utilize a diverse set of delivery systems.

The information and services provided by CCAS will empower Arts and Sciences deans to be effective leaders, resourceful managers, and eloquent advocates promoting the arts and sciences. CCAS increasingly will be recognized by its membership and peer organizations as the premier provider of academic leadership development in the arts and sciences.

CCAS Mission

The Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences, a network of deans, fosters excellence in colleges and schools of arts and sciences. In pursuit of our mission, CCAS
    ~ connects deans with each other
    ~ provides professional development
    ~ serves as a forum for discussing issues in higher education
    ~ advocates for liberal learning


CCAS promotes successful student outcomes including:

  • Benefiting from enhanced critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and imagination via an arts and sciences education.
  • Living happier and more satisfying lives (according to data on liberal arts education).
  • Possessing skills learned in the arts and sciences that employers both want and need.
  • Enjoying successful careers launched by arts and sciences degrees.
  • Contributing to society due to their cultural competency, global awareness, ethical standards, and inclusive excellence.

programs & activities

Major activities of CCAS include advocacy of the liberal arts and sciences and sponsorship of four to six seminars annually. In November each year the Council holds its 4-day Annual Meeting, which is open to deans of member institutions and other interested parties.

The CCAS Seminar for New Deans permits recently appointed deans to interact closely both with other fledgling deans and with experienced deans in discussions of the fundamentals of college administration.

The Seminars for Department Chairs was inaugurated in 1992. With successful department chairs presiding, this seminar provides a forum in which department chairs can explore the art of departmental administration and leadership with their peers.

CCAS offers a “special topics” workshop or series of webinars each spring. Recent topics have included Interdisciplinarity; Deans & Development; Assessing Student Learning; Productivity Measures; and Distance Education.

Click on EVENTS in the navigation bar to see information about dates, times, and locations for upcoming seminars, and to register for a meeting or seminar.

Members have access to a searchable CCAS Membership Directory and monthly email updates that keep arts and sciences deans current on relevant issues and events. CCAS also conducts an Annual Survey of new tenure-track hires that is available free to member institutions. Other services include a Mentoring Program for new deans and associate/assistant deans, on-campus Leadership-Development Workshops for chairs/heads, two active ListServs, and an online searchable Deans Knowledge Base that contains hundreds of summaries of ListServ discussions on topics important to deans.

CCAS maintains ListServs for discussion among members. See additional details under Members Only. Any questions about the ListServs can be addressed to ccas@wm.edu.


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