CCAS Presidential Addresses

by Jonathan Millen, University of New England, Presidential Address 2021 Annual Meeting
by Jan Nerger, Colorado State University, Presidential Address 2019 Annual Meeting
by Christopher McCord, Northern Illinois University, Presidential Address 2018 Annual Meeting
by David Manderscheid, The Ohio State University, Presidential Address 2017 Annual Meeting
by Elizabeth A. Say, California State University, Northridge, Presidential Address 2016 Annual Meeting
by Timothy Johnston, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Presidential Address 2015 CCAS Annual Meeting
by Nancy Gutierrez, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Presidential Address 2014 CCAS Annual Meeting
The Academic Arms Race, New Individualism, and Deaning
by Valerie Gray Hardcastle, University of Cincinnati, Presidential Address 2012 CCAS Annual Meeting
The Dean's Speech: Finding Our Voice Through Intentional Communication
by Vickie Rutledge Shields, Eastern Washington University, Presidential Address 2011 CCAS Annual Meeting
To Dean or Not To Dean
by Paul B. Bell, Jr., The University of Oklahoma, Presidential Address 2010 CCAS Annual Meeting
The Case for Climate Change: STEM Women in the Academy
by Denise Battles, Univeristy of Northern Colorado, Presidential Address 2009 CCAS Annual Meeting
Aristotle in an Age of Accountability
by Matthew Moen, University of South Dakota, Presidential Address 2008 CCAS Annual Meeting
No Dean Left Behind
by Julia Wallace, University of Northern Iowa, Presidential Address 2006 CCAS Annual Meeting
Looking Back, Looking Forward CCAS and Deaning after 40 years
by Dorothy "Dee" Abrahamse, California State University, Long Beach, Presidential Address 2005 CCAS Annual Meeting
A Dozen (or so) Questions We All Should Be Asking About Higher Education and the Business of Deaning
by Geoffrey Feiss, College of William and Mary, Presidential Address 2003 CCAS Annual Meeting
Education and Its Discontents
by Lee Edwards, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Presidential Address 2002 CCAS Annual Meeting
The Evolution of a Dean
by Sally Frost Mason, Provost, Purdue University, 2001 CCAS Annual Meeting
Moral Dilemmas of Deaning
by Holly Smith, Presidential Address 2001 CCAS Annual Meeting
CCAS: Who are we; why are we; and where are we going?
by Phillip Certain, Presidential Address 2000 CCAS Annual Meeting
Liberal Education in an Egalitarian Age 
by Luis Costa, Presidential Address 1999 CCAS Annual Meeting
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