Deans & Development


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Deans and Development
Making the Case for Supporting the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Edited by Anne-Marie McCartan and Carl J. Strikwerda

Increasingly, deans of the Arts and Sciences are seeking external funds to support their programs and initiatives. In some cases, fundraising has become an explicit expectation for job performance; in others, deans are motivated to seek outside support because they see this as the only way to realize the priorities and goals they have set for their college or school. Yet deans know that they have a special challenge in the development arena as often Arts and Sciences lacks an identity in the minds of alumni and community supporters.  

This book will benefit both those just beginning their first deanship and longer-serving deans who are starting to focus on what it takes to bring in private money. The authors are all deans or former deans who not only have been successful in this pursuit but also have found great satisfaction with the process of developing relationships with potential donors. They have found that many generous people need little convincing that a strong liberal arts education is beneficial to society as a whole and that their support of Arts & Sciences faculty and programs can help realize that desired end.  

Basic development terminology is covered along with special attention to the working relationship between the dean and the person who serves as the college’s development officer. The authors share examples from their own experiences about what has worked well for them and what lessons they have learned along the way. Deans will be inspired to put the principles from these chapters to work in order to achieve their vision for the future of their college or school.

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