Helpful Resources and Websites on Gender Equity

These are materials selected specifically for deans and associate deans and are provided with permission of the authors (please cite appropriately). They are intended to enhance equitable and effective administrative practices and to help mitigate the effects of unintended biases in academic settings.


Academic climate & culture

    Enhancing department climate (WISELI brochure, 2008)

    Climate surveys: Examples of instruments, reports, and presentations of data (ADVANCE portal)

    Faculty Experiences with Bullying in Higher Education: Causes, Consequences, and Management,
    by L. Keashly and J. Neuman (Administrative Theory & Praxis; Mar2010, Vol. 32:1) 

    Case studies
Communication & conflict management

   Change in higher education: Understanding and responding to individual and organizational resistance,
    India F. Lane, Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 34(2):35-92, 2007


Faculty development
    Faculty Mentoring (University of Washington LEAD handout, 2008)
    Faculty mentoring: Overview for mentors (University of Rhode Island ADVANCE, 2008)
    Faculty mentoring: Overview for mentees (University of Rhode Island ADVANCE, 2008)

    Supporting Women and Minority Faculty (Joanne Moody, Academe, 2004) 

    AAAS Handbook on Diversity & the Law (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2010)
    Stereotype Threat: Research-based suggestions for reducing the negative consequences of stereotyping on performance

    From Ph.D. to Professoriate: The Role of the Institution in Fostering the Advancement of Postdoc Women (National Postdoctoral Association, 2013)

Family friendly policies

    Model policies and practices (Work Life Law: UC Hastings College of the Law) 

    Toolkit: Resources for administrators for career flexibility policies and practices for faculty (ACE) 

    What colleges and universities should know about work/family issues (AAUP)

    Recommendations on partner accommodation and dual career appointments (AAUP, 2010)

    Higher Education Dual Career Network

    Establishing the family-friendly campus: Models for effective practice, edited by J. Lester and M. Salle (Stylus Publishing, 2009)
Gender equity

    Gender Equity Project resources and Gender Tutorials, Virginia Valian, Hunter College, CUNY

    WEPAN Knowledge Center (Women in Engineering Program Advocates Network) research reports and extensive compendium of diversity and inclusion practice

    WISELI Library (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute)

    Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology: Resources


Implicit bias and cognitive errors
    Project Implicit, the Harvard site where you can take the Impliciat Association Tests.  There is also a Project Implicit information site.

    Practice Exercises: Nudging Colleagues to Rise Above Cognitive Shortcuts and Biases: Some Practical Steps for Dean

    Materials developed by Joanne Moody on cognitive errors: Rising above cognitive errors
Cognitive Errors and Unintended Biases: A Very Quick Review

    6. Hidden biases, and 8. Cognitive errors, on the University of Virginia search committee tutorial (see below)  
Recruitment & hiring

    Provost’s search committee tutorial: A primer (University of Virginia)  

    Recruitment and retention: Guidelines for chairs, heads, and deans (Virginia Valian, Hunter College – CUNY; CUNY Graduate Center, 2008)

    Interrupting bias in the faculty search process: Free video & facilitation guide (University of Washington ADVANCE, 2010)

    Faculty recruitment handbook: A research-based guide for active diversity recruitment practices (University of Rhode Island ADVANCE, 2007)

    Recommendation letters: Avoiding bias in reading & writing evaluations (University of Arizona ADVANCE)

    Strategies for successfully recruiting a diverse faculty (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Resource management

    Departmental equity survey (Virginia Valian, Hunter College – CUNY; CUNY Graduate Center, 2005)

    Insuring gender equity in distribution of institutional resources (American Historical Association, 2008)

    Analyzing and correcting hidden gender-equity problems (Virginia Valian, Hunter College – CUNY; CUNY Graduate Center, 2002)

Tenure & promotion

    Rewarding work: Integrating service into an institutional framework on faculty roles and rewards, by Jeanette Clausen, pp. 231-244.
Over ten million served: Gendered service in language and literature workplaces, edited by Michelle A. Masse and Katie J. Hogan
    (SUNY Press, 2010)

    Encouraging multiple forms of scholarship in faculty reward systems: Have academic cultures really changed? (Wiley Online Library, 2006)

    Student evaluations of faculty performance: The role of gender expectations in differential evaluations,
    Marilyn S. Chamberlin and JoAnn S. Hickey, Educational Research Quarterly 25(2):3-14, 2001



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0930138. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.




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