Meeting Theme and Sub-themes

CCAS 2017 Annual Meeting

Theme: Advocacy for the Arts & Sciences:  What We Stand For; How We Stand Up For It

This meeting theme will include exploration of the messages that are important to us as Arts & Sciences deans, and the tactics and techniques that best enable us to convey those messages.  While this includes our relationships and messaging within the academy, the primary focus will be on external face:  policy-makers; public thought-leaders; the general public. 

What We Stand For:  Issues to Consider

·        The Sanctuary Campus

·        The Role of the Public University

·        The Arts & Sciences in a Post-Evidence Culture

·        Citizenship in Trump’s America

·        Cultural Competency

·        Liberal Arts & Workforce Development

·        Our Agenda; Their Agenda (i.e. recognizing that there are many other competing, even conflicting, agendas for higher education that we must be aware of and be prepared to respond to)

·        Ethics

·        Current Events and their Impact on Higher Education

How We Stand Up for Them:  the tactics and techniques of advocacy

·        Understanding your Audience(s) and adapting messages to them

·        Building an Advocacy Communications Strategy

·        Building Alliances

·        The Public Intellectual & Meeting the Public where they are

·        Pictures, Story-Telling and other modes of conveying our message

·        Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, oh my:  the dean meets social media