Using a ListServ

CCAS maintains two ListServs to facilitate discussion and networking
among its members: 
1) Deans ListServ and 2) Associate/Assistant Deans ListServ

To enroll: Write with SUBSCRIBE TO LISTSERV in the subject line.

To unsubsribe: Write with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Primary purposes of the ListServs:

1) To query fellow deans about institutional practices and policies. Those that generate sufficient discussion will be summarized and posted in the ListServ archive (under Members Only).

2) To help form multi-institutional panels for the Annual Meeting. 

3) To seek names of faculty who might serve as peer reviewers for promotion and tenure decisions.

4) To survey others about institutional practices. Typically, instructions are included to send responses directly to the sender rather than posting to the ListServ.

As always, direct any questions to

Click here to view the CCAS ListServ Protocol & Policies.



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