Leadership Development Workshops for Chairs/Heads



The thrice-annual CCAS Seminars for Department Chairs continue to be a popular offering. However, many deans are looking for a different kind of experience for their chairs/heads—one that
• accommodates a larger number of chairs;
• focuses on on-going issues for all chairs—new and experienced; and
• reduces travel and registration costs and time away from campus.
To meet this need, CCAS has developed this new leadership-development program.



On-campus leadership development for department chairs is intended for Colleges/Schools looking for a team-centered approach to enhancing the skills and confidence of their chairs. In a one-day session on campus (or at an off-campus site), a visiting dean/facilitator provides interactive training in such topics as:
  • The Chair as Academic Leader
  • Managing People and Conflict
  • Faculty Evaluation
  • Recruitment, Retention & Development of Faculty
  • Resource Management
  • Working with the Dean
Case studies are used with each topic. The curriculum is based upon that used for the traditional Seminar for Department Chairs, but it can be tailored to fit the College’s circumstances.



A roster of facilitators is maintained by the Executive Office, consisting of deans who previously served as directors of the CCAS Seminar for Department Chairs. Resumes are provided to the requesting College/School so that the Dean can choose the facilitator most appropriate for his/her setting. The Dean and selected facilitator subsequently agree upon a date for the campus visit.


Effective June 1, 2018 CCAS charges an administrative fee of $3,000 for providing the facilitator referrals, the curriculum materials, and the evaluation. The facilitator receives an honorarium ($3,000/one-day workshop, unless the college wishes to engage the facilitator for a longer period of time or for variation from the existing curriculum). The College pays the honorarium and travel expenses for the facilitator.
To discuss scheduling a workshop, contact CCAS Executive Director, Amber Elaine Cox, aecox@ccas.net, or phone (952) 641-3037.
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