2017 Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentations

Addressing Bias: Practical Strategies for Leadership | Haddad & Gender Issues Committee
High Impact Practices | Dannels, Hey, Jacobs and Jayasuriya AND San Jose State University HIP Action Plan
Instilling Multicultural Competence Among Faculty | Fuqua, Gates, Hall, Marcus and Robbins
Liberal Arts Workforce Pathways: Theory & Practice | Christianson, Miller, Rowan, Waddell with Rigg, Presiding
Models for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning | Bixel, Mattingly and Vallance with Long, Presiding
Navigating the Executive Search Process | Crawford, Hamos and McDade with Menon, Presiding
New Deans' Seminar 2017 | Corcoran, Kavran and Lee
Quantifying the Unquantifiable | Elwell, Hynd and Matthews AND Faculty Workload Policy from University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, College of Arts & Sciences
Research Ethics and Responding to Research Misconduct or Mismanagement | Johnson, Lutz and Pratte with Rhodes, Presiding
Strategies to Intentionally Engage Students in College-Level Initiatives | Fleming, Hall and Hanks with Jayasuriya, Presiding
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