2018 Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentations

An Administrator's Apology | McCord, Presidential Address
Creating Inter-Institutional and Extra-Institutional Collaborations | Gano-Phillips, Mike, Hall & Comprehensive Institutions Committee
Data Driven Decision Making and University Impact | Scott-Johnson, Stalvey, Muscat & Comprehensive Institutions Committee
Embracing Diversity While Maintaining Civility in Today's Liberal Arts Colleges | Cid, Mills, Davi, Lampley & Liberal Arts Committee
Generating The Pipeline: Addressing Bias in Recruitment and Hiring | Ortiz, Cornick, Bartlett, Sanford, Romero & Gender Issues and Cultural Diversity Committees AND Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Faculty for Institutions of Higher Education | Romero & Cultural Diversity Committee 2017
Seminar for New Deans | Lee, Corcoran and Kavran
The Nature of the University | Lawrence, Opening General Session and A&S Advocacy Award WInner
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