Meeting Theme & Sub-themes

NOVEMBER 10th – 13th
 Reimagine  Recalibrate

Our theme this year is intended to invoke exploration of the complex issues, challenges, and opportunities that have evolved during the pandemic and civil unrest of the past year. We can learn with and from each other how to adapt tactics and techniques that best enable us to navigate the future as Arts & Sciences deans.

To stimulate thinking for presentations under this theme, we offer the following subtopics as suggestions but proposals are not limited to ideas:

—The role of arts in times of uncertainty and change
—Disaster planning, response, and recovery
—Shifting, eliminating, and merging programs
—Supporting students and faculty with disabilities, particularly with full- or partially-virtual campus environments
—Exploring aspects of student or faculty mental health
—Uncertainty in research funding and continuity
—Balancing free speech, identity, politics, civility...
—The nuts and bolts of space, time, staff, and resource management in a changing and virtual world
—Working with legislators and state issued mandates and policies in a fluctuating political climate
—Campus climate, engagement, and morale
—Inclusion of contingent faculty, remote faculty, and remote students
—Diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives and planning

Note that proposed sessions may also explore the intersection of personal identity, physical ability, and or health with the above sub-themes.

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