Meeting Themes & Sub-themes

advancing inclusive excellence
in times of change and uncertainty

Join us as we learn together and work together to give voice to the values that unite us in the arts & sciences. 

Presentations related to the meeting theme of “Inclusive Excellence”
need not be limited to these topics:

—The role of arts in times of uncertainty and change
—Disaster planning, response, and recovery
—Food and/or housing insecurity (students and faculty)
—Supporting students and faculty with disabilities
—Exploring aspects of student or faculty mental health
—Uncertainty in research funding and continuity
—Balancing free speech, identity, politics, civility…
—Minority Serving Institutions in the landscape of higher education
—Dealing with state-driven mandates
—Title IX changes and implications
—Working with legislators
—Campus climate
—Inclusion of contingent faculty
—Diversity curriculum initiatives and planning

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