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The Deans Knowledge Base (DKB) is a searchable database of resource documents of interest to A&S deans. Included in the database are summaries of ListServ discussions, presentations from conferences and seminars, presidential addresses, white papers, and so forth.  DKB documents are available only to members of CCAS by logging in under Members Only with your personal ID.  
The database is organized into categories, and can be searched within categories or by using keywords. Click here for a table of keywords.  Searching works best if you enter a single word rather than a phrase.

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Deans and Dean's Office

War Stories and Lessons Learned: Case Studies of Academic Reorganization
Lynn Kuzma, Larry Rogers, Steve Winteregg, and Doug Davenport - 2012 Annual Meeting, April 2013
Associate deans, civility in evaluating
Deans ListServ, March 2013
Art museums, decisions about exhibits
Deans ListServ, January 2013
Supervising departmental staff
Deans ListServ, January 2013
Gender-blind search protocol
Deans ListServ, January 2013
Chair reassigned time and compensation
Deans ListServ, October 2012
Fulbright Award stipend for dean
Deans Listserv, May 2012
Assistant deans
Deans Listserv, May 2012
Chair evaluation
Deans Listserv, May 2012
Associate/Assistant Deans: Making a difference on the institution’s bottom line
Michelle Behr, Joni Boye-Beaman, Michele Norwood, and Andrew McMichael, February 2012

2011 Annual Meeting Presentation

Breaking down the silos: Associate Deans, student affairs, and academic advising
Rennie B. Schoepflin, Mary C. Schutten, Perry L. Patterson, and Nancy Wada-McKee, February 2012

2011 Annual Meeting Presentation

Handbook on diversity and the law
AAAS & AAU, February 2012
Organizing online instruction
Deans ListServ, February 2012
Chair workload and compensation
Deans Listserv, October 2011
Updating the faculty handbook
Deans ListServ, September 2011

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