2019 Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentations


Building Community for Social Change and Inclusive Excellence | Long, Barnes, Scott-Johnson, Ye

COSSA—Why All Deans Should Advocate (And How to do it Effectively) | Naus

Creating a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive University | Scott-Johnson, Ye, Nell, Rigg, Sandstrom

Disaster Planning for the Arts & Sciences | Russo

Inclusive Academic Leadership | Lawrence-Hughes, Flint

Scaling Best Practices in Foundational Courses | Vignare, Tesene, Cummings

Notes: Liberal Arts for the Marketplace

Advisory Board: Best Practices in Development | Baird, Raje, Thompson

Advisory Council By-Laws

CCAS Business Meeting: Agenda, Minutes, Reports

Context Matters_Campus Climate and Adjustment among Students of Color | Chavous

Individualized Development Plan Framework

Legal and Psychological Principles and Practices for Increasing Equity in Personnel Processes | Karafa, Olovson

Promoting Interdisciplinary Research | The University of Idaho

Self-Assessment: Readiness for the CAO Role

So You Want to be a Provost? | Palm, Werth, Woodworth-Ney

One Plan, Two Universities: Supporting and Promoting Faculty in Creative Ways | Murray State University and Jacksonville State University

Understanding Healthy Emotional Labor and Assessing Emotional Burnout | Ilyasova

Best Practices for Field and Study Abroad Experiences | Pratte, Johnson, LongIt's About Belonging— Strategies for Student and Faculty Success in the Urban/Metro

Commuter Institution Through Community Building | Carey, Carleton, Chulos, Martin
Accompanying rubric: Community Building

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