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The Deans Knowledge Base (DKB) is a searchable database of resource documents of interest to A&S deans. Included in the database are summaries of ListServ discussions, presentations from conferences and seminars, presidential addresses, white papers, and so forth.  DKB documents are available only to members of CCAS by logging in under Members Only with your personal ID.  
The database is organized into categories, and can be searched within categories or by using keywords. Click here for a table of keywords.  Searching works best if you enter a single word rather than a phrase.

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Publication subventions
Deans ListServ, September 2011
Science labs and overloads
Deans ListServ, September 2011
Departmental tenure guidelines
Deans ListServ, August 2011
Salary compression
Deans ListServ, August 2011
Steps in P&T review
Deans ListServ, May 2011
Terminal degrees for music faculty
Deans ListServ, May 2011
Promotion for endowed assistant professor
Deans ListServ, April 2011
Variable effort allocations in workload models
White, Alan, March 2011

Presentation at the "Using Quantitative Productivity Tools to Guide Academic Decision Making"

Funding faculty tuition
Deans ListServ, February 2011
Return of faculty from family/medical leave
Deans ListServ, February 2011
Administrative duties' weight toward promotion
Deans ListServ, January 2011
Encouraging accessible scholarship
Deans ListServ, January 2011
Factoring course preparations into workload
Deans ListServ, January 2011
Teaching evaluations online
Deans ListServ, January 2011
Quantitative Faculty Reviews
2010 Annual Meeting Panel Presentation, November 2010
Adjunct teaching load
Deans ListServ, November 2010

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