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The Deans Knowledge Base (DKB) is a searchable database of resource documents of interest to A&S deans. Included in the database are summaries of ListServ discussions, presentations from conferences and seminars, presidential addresses, white papers, and so forth.  DKB documents are available only to members of CCAS by logging in under Members Only with your personal ID.  
The database is organized into categories, and can be searched within categories or by using keywords. Click here for a table of keywords.  Searching works best if you enter a single word rather than a phrase.

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Curriculum & Classes

400-level courses for undergrads and grads
Deans ListServ, November 2012
Advisory for health care professions
Deans ListServ, November 2012
High and low grade discrepancies
Deans ListServ, August 2012
General education prefixes
Dean's Listserv, July 2012
Self-published books
Deans Listserv, June 2012
Composition courses class size
Deans Listserv, March 2012
Defining and supporting alternative faculty models
Jeffrey Hecker, February 2012

2011 Annual Meeting Presentation

Drivers of change in undergraduate biology education
Susan Elrod, David Brakke, and Judy Dilts, February 2012

2011 Annual Meeting Presentation

Replacing mystery with meaning: What can we do to help students understand and appreciate general education requirements and a liberal arts curriculum?
Gerald R. Greenberg, April Massey, Thimios Zaharopoulos, and Kandice L. Salomone, February 2012

Presentation at 2011 Annual Meeting

Liberal education, globalization, ethics and politics
Joe Hardin, Edward Sankowski, David Caldwell, and Patricia Mosto, February 2012

Presentation at 2011 Annual Meeting

Fostering interdisciplinary curricular and faculty development
Timothy D. Johnston, Adelia Williams, Kathleen Moore, and Kristin Sobolik, February 2012

Presentation at 2011 Annual Meeting

Oral communication requirement
Deans ListServ, February 2012
BA vs BS
Deans ListServ, February 2012
Organic chemistry labs, scheduling
Deans ListServ, January 2012
Foreign language commercial products
Deans Listserv, January 2012
Communications, course caps
Deans Listserv, December 2011
Departments considered “humanities”
Deans Listserv, October 2011
Department naming, foreign language
Deans Listserv, October 2011

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